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free nokia ringtonesAt Free Nokia Ringtones we have the largest collection of FREE ringtones and Logos plus loads of Free Nokia Ringtones !!!

free ringtones free logosChoose from over 2000 free ringtones and 5000 free logos.

free nokia ring tonesNokia Ringtones are available in RTTL, Composer Key Press and Midi format. We also have free software to upload ringtones and logos to your Nokia phone without a Data Cable.

nokia ringtone composerAs long as you have got a modem on your computer you can now get your free ringtones and free logos sent straight from your own PC to your phone without messing around for hours trying to figure out how it all works.

free ringtonesYou could search the web for hours and hours for a way to get REALLY FREE Nokia ringtones and logos to your phone. We have tested over 50 types of software that claim to do this, few work and even fewer come with any instructions.

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nokia ringtonesWe have spent many months pulling together utilities and writing full instructions for use so that everyone can now benefit without needing a degree in computer science!

ringtonesNot only are the ringtones on this site Free but we have spent many hours testing the software to enable you to send them to your phone as well !!!

free composer ringtonesTo get started just browse our free ringtones which have been arranged by letter for you or use one of the following links:-
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Britney Spears - My Perogative (Keypress)


6888, 09, 0, 1*, 09, 0, 199, 08, 088, 38, 09, 499**, 0888, 4888, 09, 0, 49, 0, 78, 099, (hold 4)9, 0, 08, 4, 09, 199*, 0888, 1888, 09, 0, 1, 099, 099, (hold 6)9**, 0, 08, 08, 3*, 0, 08, 08, 499**, 7888, 099, 4, 09, 0, 2*, 09, 0, (hold 4)9**, 09, 4, 09, 699, 0888, 6888, 09, 0, 39*, 0, 38, 099, (hold 6)9**, 0

Groove Armada - I See You Baby (Composer)


16#d1, 16-, 16#f1, 16-, 16#f1, 8-, 16-, 8#d2, 2-, 32#d1, 32-, 16#d1, 16#d1, 16-, 8#d2, 2-, 8-, 32#d1, 32-, 32#d1, 32-, 16#d2, 16-, 8#d2, 2-, 8-, 32#d1, 32-, 32#d1, 32-, 32#d1, 16-, 32-, 8#d2, 2-, 16#d1, 16-, 16#f1, 16-, 16#f1, 8-, 16-, 8#d2, 2-, 32#d1, 32-, 16#d1, 16#d1

Peter Andre - The Right Way (RTTL)


8f6, 16g#6, 16p, 8g#6, 8f6, 16g#.6, 32p, 8a#.6, 16p, 16g#.6, 32p, 16a#.6, 32p, 8c7, 8a#6, 16g#6, 16p, 8g#6, f6, 2p, 8g#, 16f6, 16p, 16d#.6, 8p, 32p, 16d#.6, 32p, 16c#6, 16p, 16f6, 16p, 8c#6, 8p, 8g#, p, 8p, 16c#.7, 32p, 16c7, 16p, 8c7, 16a#6, 16p, 16g#.6, 32p, 8a#.6, 16p, 8g#6, 8a#6, 16c.7, 32p, 16a#.6, 32p, 16g#6, 16p, 16g#6, 16p, f6, 2p, 8p, 16f6, 16g#6, a#6, 16g#6, 16p, 16g#.6, 32p, 16f6, 16p, 16f.6, p, 32p, 16g#6, 16p, 16f#.6, 32p, 16f#6, 16p, 16f#6, 16p, 16f#6, 16p, 8f#6, 16f6, 8p, 16p, 8d#6, 8p, 16f.6, 2p, 8p, 32p, 16g#6, 16p, 16f#6, 16p, 16f#6, 16f#6, 8p, 16f#.6, 32p, 16f6, 16p, 16d#6, 16p, 16c#6, 16p, 8d#.6, 2p, 8p, 16p, 8a#6, 16c#.7, 32p, 8d#.7, 16f7, 8d#7, 16p, 16f7, 8d#7, 8c#7, 16a#6, 16p, 8a#.6, 16p, g#6

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